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We have a VERY RARE, early Post-War variation (“fnh” code) 1945 production, .32 ACP, 99% blue, absolutely spectacular, two-toned, mint CZ 27 (vz. 27) pistol in good shape (75%+). Serial Number: 483,025. All the numbered parts are matching (right on frame, and top of slide). Serial numbers for the Post-War variation (“fnh” code) CZ 27 pistols range from 476,000 to 485,000. Only about 9,000 of CZ 27 pistols of this variation were manufactured from leftover WWII, Nazi era, parts! This Post-War CZ 27 pistol, accepted by the Czechoslovak Military, has the acceptance mark (a lion) and the date 45 (1945). These pistols were available for private purchase by officers in the early Post-War period. This pistol is a part of the very first batch of the Post-War variation of CZ 27 pistols. It was made days or weeks following the Prague Offensive and the Battle of Prague fought on the Eastern Front on May 6-11, 1945. This battle for the city is particularly noteworthy because it ended after the Third Reich capitulated on May 8, 1945. What makes this pistol so attractive is that the slide has turned a very nice reddish plum color that makes this pistol very attractive and appealing to the eye. While the pistol does not display Nazi acceptance and proof marks, left side of the slide is marked with the Nazi-era “fnh Pistole Modell 27 Kal. 7,65”. We have never seen “fnh” code variation, Nazi-era CZ 27 pistol this beautiful and, especially, with such remarkable high polish finish. This pistol has the original high polish blue finish, and strawed small parts (straw color is generous). This pistol is fitted with original (and correct) one piece checkered Bakelite (early plastic) excellent grips with no cracks or chips, without the “ČZ” logos molded on the top. The pistol is complete with an original Nazi-era factory magazine stamped on the bottom of the base “P. Mod. 27”. Regarding the “fnh” mark, in an effort to hide the location of factories producing weapons, in June 1941, the Germans introduced a letter code system to replace factory names. The Česká zbrojovka [CZ] factory received the code letters “fnh”. In the case of the CZ 27, it was not used until mid-1943. The “fnh” was added to the left slide marking and the “BÖHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK A.G. IN PRAG” marking was removed from the slide top. Early “fnh” marked pistols still had the CZ logo on the grips, which was soon removed. Please note that serial numbers for Nazi-era “fnh” CZ 27 pistols range from approximately 261,000 to 476,000 (the serial number of our pistol is 483,025). This is the high polish variant, made to the highest quality. The finish on early CZ 27 pistols, with serial numbers ranging from 20,500 to 230,000, was bright blue. As the production progressed, the finish changed to dull blue, then to half blue and half phosphate, and finally to all phosphate. In March 1939, Germany occupied all of Czechoslovakia, and in early 1941, all CZ 27 pistol production was diverted to the German war effort. Czechoslovak sources put the beginning serial number of German Military production at 20,500. Between 620,000 and 650,000 CZ 27 pistols were manufactured in total, 452,500 of those under German occupation. While most CZ 27 variants are quite common, it is difficult to find pistols like this one in such exceptional condition. The pistol is housed in an original CZ 27 brown leather flap holster.

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