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Thank you for your inquiry into purchasing a firearm from Hoosier Armory.

Not all firearms displayed for sale on our web site are available for sale in all states or counties. Please check your state and local firearm laws concerning restrictions on purchasing and ownership of a particular firearm before making an online purchase. We may cancel an order if shipping the purchased firearm to the buyer's state or locality is not permitted by law.

Firearms must be transferred to the purchaser through a licensed firearm dealer (also know as an FFL). Please contact us concerning the location at which you would like to pickup your firearm purchase. You may choose from the following:

#1 Pickup from Hoosier Armory at our Noblesville. IN location. To use this option, you must be an Indiana resident with a valid state issued photo ID. Your ID must have your current address shown. We will perform the required federal background checks at the time of pickup. There is no charge for the background check if you purchased the firearm from Hoosier Armory.

If you are picking up a transfer from another dealer, Hoosier Armory charges a nominal fee to perform the background check. This fee covers our time to perform the transfer as well as the cost to process, store and insure your firearm while it is in our possession. Our fees are as follows:

  • First firearm (non-NFA items only): $40 effective 3/1/2020
  • Each additional firearm (non-NFA items only): $25
  • All NFA items: $125 each plus $25 Silencer Shop Processing Fee (ALL NFA ITEMS WILL BE PROCESSED THRU THE SS KIOSK = $25)

#2 Pickup from your local firearm dealer (FFL). If using this option, please indicate the name of the dealer you wish to use and have them email a legible signed copy of their current license to Please have them reference your order number in the subject line of their email. You may find your order number on the receipt we send when you complete your purchase. Please note that most dealers charge a nominal fee to perform the background checks and transfer. This fee varies widely but is usually between $20 and $75. Please check with your preferred dealer before ordering to ensure that they will accept the transfer and to understand what they charge to complete a firearm transfer.

Please note that regardless of the shipping method requested, we do need time to inspect, package and ship your order. The processing time at your local dealer may also vary. NICS background check processing and waiting periods may also impact the time required to take possession of your order.


Indiana residents picking up firearms at Hoosier Armory must pass all state and federal requirements and be the actual purchaser of the firearm. Long guns require government form 4473 being filled out with proper proof of residency and a valid government issued photo identification. In addition, passing the NICS background check is mandatory before possession can occur. Handguns require resident to show proper identification and proof of residency. Handgun purchasers will also be required to fill out government form 4473.


Shipping firearms to persons outside of Indiana requires Hoosier Armory to have a current copy of the receiving dealer’s firearm license known as a Federal Firearms License (FFL). This license copy must have an inked signature by a individual authorized for the license. A legible copy of the license must be emailed to The email should also reference your name so that we can match the license to your order. You, the purchaser of the firearm, do not need an FFL license to purchase a firearm online. Only the business acting as the receiving agent for the firearm needs to provide the FFL. The receiving agent is then required to fulfill all state and federal laws with the purchaser to transfer the firearm. Most FFL Dealers charge a transaction fee for processing firearms. It is best to verify that your dealer will handle the transfer for you before ordering a firearm. You should also ask your dealer what they charge for the transfer service.


Hoosier Armory does not export any firearm, however we will ship to an exporter, to be received by you in all lawful ways.

Shipping Restrictions

Hoosier Armory abides by all federal, state and local laws pertaining to the transfer of firearms. With the laws pertaining to firearms and firearm related products constantly changing, Hoosier Armory may add, without notice, state or municipalities to our restricted shipping policy in order to remain in compliance with the applicable laws. Your order will not be processed until it is cleared with our firearms department. Please check your local laws and regulations to prevent you from ordering products that may not be legal to own or possess in your state or municipality.

Some US states prohibit perceived advertising or marketing of firearm related products to persons under 18 years of age.

Please verify that you are at least 18 years of age.