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We have a Post-War “Ceska” variation 1947 production, .32 ACP, high polish, 99% blue, beautiful, mint CZ 27 (vz. 27) pistol in good condition (80%+). Serial Number: 574,954. All the numbered parts are matching (right on frame and slide). This post-War commercial CZ 27 pistol has new slide markings used after Nationalization. Following World War II, CZ resumed operations as ČESKÁ ZBROJOVKA - NÁRODNÍ PODNIK STRAKONICE (Czech Armory – People’s or National Enterprise of Strakonice) and continued the production of the Model 1927 (CZ 27), adding “NÁRODNÍ PODNIK” and “MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA” to the pre-war markings. During the Post-War years, CZ 27 production was sufficient to fill commercial sales and some foreign orders, such as those for the German Bavarian Police and the Government of Thailand. In the United States, the Thalson Importing Co. became the sole importer. The featured pistol has the original high polish blue finish, and strawed small parts (straw color is generous). It is fitted with original one piece checkered Bakelite excellent grips with no cracks or chips, with the “ČZ” logos molded on the top. The pistol is complete with an original factory magazine. This is the high polish variant, made to the highest quality. The finish on early CZ 27 pistols, with serial numbers ranging from 20,500 to 230,000, was bright blue. As the production progressed, the finish changed to dull blue, then to half blue and half phosphate, and finally to all phosphate. In March 1939, Germany occupied all of Czechoslovakia, and in early 1941, all CZ 27 pistol production was diverted to the German war effort. Czechoslovak sources put the beginning serial number of German Military production at 20,500. Between 620,000 and 650,000 CZ 27 pistols were manufactured in total, 452,500 of those under German occupation. While most CZ 27 variants are quite common, it is difficult to find pistols like this one in such exceptional condition.

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